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Al Jordan Birds


Al Jordan Birds


Realistic Bird Carvings

Al Jordan birds
Al Jordan birds
Al Jordan birds
al's owls.jpg
Al's owls and Al.jpg
Welcome to the gallery of realistic bird sculptures by championship bird carver Al Jordan, Rochester, New York.     

Al will be teaching the carving and painting of a Red-tailed Hawk head at the Ward World Wildlfie
Championships in Ocean City, Maryland.  Click here for more information.
Barn Swallow
Boreal Owl
Scarlet Tananger
Screech Owl
Click here for details
Click on the following link for a virtual tour of Al's Studio courtesy of
Wildfowl Carving Magazine.   Tour
Follow this link to see an article on Al's work as a falconer:  Falconry
Al had the chance to introduce his owl to a live one at the Rhode Island Audubon Show.
Which one is real? 

Click on the Raptor, Miniature, Songbird, or Shorebirds & Other pages to view Al's Gallery.  Each sculpture is carefully designed and carved to look as it would in nature. Combining the artistry of airbrushing, hand painting, burning, and texturing with an intimate knowledge of birds, Al's sculptures appear lifelike and ready to fly. 
Al is a gifted and sought-after instructor and has some more classes scheduled this year!  Classes include instruction on anatomy, carving, burning, and painting techniques.
​To purchase a carving, commission a work, or inquire about classes  contact Al directly

Check the class schedule here:  Schedule

Realistic bird carvings by woodcarver Al Jordan  © 2022 by Al Jordan. All rights reserved.

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