Catbird Class Project

Oven bird in progress

Completed Woodcocks.

Red-bellied Woodpeckers!


Al teaches a complete sculpture starting from a wooden cutout all the way to the final hand-brushed details.  Students may elect to bring a previously carved piece for critique and individualized painting instruction.  Al offers airbrush seminars for carvers interested in using this technique to create a softer finished look.  He helps students vanquish the dreaded "air brush phobia" and they leave his studio with the confidence to continue using the air brushing at home.  Contact Al directly to schedule a session.



Al hosts seminars in a spacious and well-lit studio adjacent to his home.  The studio is with 16 feet of windows overlooking Al's falconry facilities and a bird inhabited backyard.  Students are asked to use their own tools, paints, brushes, other equipment and supplies.  Al provides a cutout, eyes, and patterns.  Any brass needed for legs, feet, branches, leaves, etc. will be supplied.  A complete list of paint colors, tools, and equipment is available before each seminar.  Al usually power carves his pieces, airbrushes the base colors, shadows, and some detail and then uses a brush for the final details.  If preferred, the student may handpaint the entire piece.




Al teaches seminars around the country and is available for club and small group instruction.  

​CLASSES - 2020

Al has taken a big leap and entered the world of the virtual classroom.  Here's what's going on:



Starting Date:  November 4, 2020

Subject:  Boreal Owl - Lifesize, approx. 8 1/2"

Number of students:  Limited

Cost:  $600 which covers blank, eyes, and shipping

Upon registration, you receive an invitation and access code. Every session will be available at anytime via Facebook. You can work at your own speed and whenever best suits your schedule.
We will be creating a highly decorative Boreal Owl.  All aspects of carving, detailing, and painting as well as habitat will be covered.


If interested, message Al.  First come first served!

VIRTUAL CLASS in conjunction with Krausman's Wildlife Reference Photos and Woodcarving Studios.  

Link to Krausman's Studio 

Subject:  Carve and paint an American Kestrel. 

For details contact Pam at Krausman's:  (616)401-2703

For carving supplies, expert advice, and individual attention, Al recommends Jaymes Company.  For more information, visit their website.



Use the button below to contact Al for availablity and more information.   

Realistic bird carvings by woodcarver Al Jordan  © 2020 by Al Jordan. All rights reserved.